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Baby Names WorldOverseerEnglishMasculine
Behind the NameEither from the English occupational surname, or else directly from the English word. It is ultimately derived from Greek επισκοπος (episkopos) "overseer".-Masculine
Dictionarya person who supervises a number of local churches or a diocese, being in the Greek, Roman Catholic, Anglican, and other churches a member of the highest order of the ministry.--
ZeloA BishopEnglishMale
Baby ZoneOverseer--
My Baby NameBishop; overseer.EnglishMasculine
Baby Names CountryThe Greek name Bishop means - overseerGreek-
Ancestry English: from Middle English biscop, Old English bisc(e)op ‘bishop’, which comes via Latin from Greek episkopos ‘overseer’. The Greek word was adopted early in the Christian era as a title for an overseer of a local community of Christians, and has yielded cognates in every European language: French évêque, Italian vescovo, Spanish obispo, Russian yepiskop, German Bischof, etc. The English surname has probably absorbed at least some of these continental European cognates. The word came to be applied as a surname for a variety of reasons, among them service in the household of a bishop, supposed resemblance in bearing or appearance to a bishop, and selection as the ‘boy bishop’ on St. Nicholas’s Day.-N/A
Behind the Surname Means simply "bishop", ultimately from Greek επισκοπος (episkopos) meaning "overseer". It probably originally referred to a person who served a bishop.-N/A
Hamari WebBishopEnglishBoy
Baby Name GuideOverseerGreekBoy

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Anagrams for name Bishop: Bishop - Hob Pis - Hob Psi - Hob Sip - Bosh Pi - Hobs Pi - Bi Hops - Bi Posh - Bi Shop - Bis Hop
Bsioph Hipsob Hsopib Pisohb Pibsoh Bsihpo Bhiosp Shibop

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