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Baby Names WorldMerciful, mild, gentleLatinFeminine
Behind the NameMedieval variant of CLEMENCE. It can also simply mean "clemency, mercy" from the English word, ultimately from Latin clemens "merciful".--
Dictionarythe quality of being clement; disposition to show forbearance, compassion, or forgiveness in judging or punishing; leniency; mercy.--
My Baby NameVariant of Clementia used as a virtue name by the Puritans, associated with the abstract virtue of clemency.EnglishFeminine
20000 NamesFeminine form of Latin Clement, meaning "gentle and merciful."Feminine
Hamari Webgentle and mercifulEnglishGirl

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Anagrams for name Clemency: Clemency - Cycle Men
Lcymence Ceynlecm Cecmyeln Lnymeecc Ecnycmel

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