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20000 NamesScottish surname, derived from Grantham, the name of a town in Lincolnshire, composed of the Old English elements grand "gravel" and ham "home," hence "gravel home."Surname
Aboutnamesgrey house (?); from a Scottish family name that derives from an Old English place nameOld Englishmale
Ancestry Scottish and English: habitational name from Grantham in Lincolnshire, recorded in Domesday Book as Graham (as well as Grantham, Grandham, and Granham). See also Grantham.-N/A
Baby Name GuideGrand homeEnglishBoy
Baby Namesmaybe grey house
Baby Names CountryThe English name Graham means - grand homeEnglish-
Baby Names WorldAbodeEnglishMasculine
Baby ZoneFrom the gray home--
Behind the NameFrom a Scottish surname, originally derived from the English place name Grantham, which probably meant "gravelly homestead" in Old English. The surname was first taken to Scotland in the 12th century by the Norman baron William de Graham. A famous bearer was Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922), the Scottish-Canadian-American inventor who devised the telephone.-Masculine
Behind the Surname Derived from the English place name Grantham which probably meant "gravelly homestead" in Old English. The surname was first taken to Scotland in the 12th century by William de Graham.-N/A
DictionaryKatharine Meyer, 1917–2001, U.S. newspaper publisher.-Masculine
Hamari WebGrand homeEnglishBoy
My Baby NameFrom the gray house.TeutonicMasculine
NamespediaLiteral meaning- from the gray home, evidently this relates to a gravelly home. North_AmericaMasculine
Search for Ancestors (Origin Scottish) From the Anglo Saxon Grim, Dutch, Grim, German, Grimm, Welsh, grem, Gaelic, gruaim, surly, sullen, dark, having a fierce and stern look, courageous.-N/A
ZeloThe Gray HomeEnglishMale

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Anagrams for name Graham: Graham - Hag Arm - Hag Ram - Hag Mar - Mag Rah - Gram Ha - Gram Ah - Gar Ham - Rag Ham - A Hag Mr
Garamh Ghamra Mharag Hgaarm Mraahg Rmagah Mharga Magahr Ahgamr

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