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Source Meaning of Hailey Origin Gender
Baby Names WorldHay clearing or hay woodsEnglishunisex
Behind the NameVariant of HAYLEY--
Baby ZoneHalle--
My Baby NameField of hay. Usually a surname.EnglishFeminine
Baby Names CountryThe English name Hailey means - a form of HaileEnglish-
Namespediatough flower -Feminine
Ancestry English: habitational name from places in Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire named Hailey, from Old English heg ‘hay’ + leeah ‘wood’, ‘(woodland) clearing’.-N/A
Behind the Surname Variant of HAYLEY-N/A
20000 NamesVariant spelling of English Hayley, meaning "hay field."Feminine
Nordic NamesEnglish transferred use of the surname, originally a place name: ''Hailey'' in Oxfordshire, which derives from Old English ''hēg'' = 'hay' and ''lēah'' = 'clearing'
Baby Nameshay clearing, hay meadow
Hamari WebA form of haileEnglishGirl
Baby Name GuideFrom the hay meadowEnglishGirl

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Anagrams for name Hailey: Hail Ye - Hay Lei - Hay Lie - Ail Hey - Lay Hie - A Lye Hi - Ha Lye I - Ah Lye I - Hay El I - La Hey I
Elahiy Yahiel Ehayli Hialye Yliahe Yehila Ilahey

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