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Source Meaning of Sabrina Origin Gender
Baby Names WorldA Welsh river nameGaelicFeminine
Behind the NameLatinized form of Habren, the original Welsh name of the River Severn. According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, Sabrina was the name of a princess who was drowned in the Severn. Supposedly the river was named for her, but it is more likely that her name was actually derived from that of the river, which is of unknown meaning. It was popularized as a given name by Samuel A. Taylor's play 'Sabrina Fair' (1953) and the movie adaptation that followed it the next year.--
ZeloName Of A Princess In Celtic LegendCelticFemale
Baby ZoneFrom the border; Sabrina is the Latin word for the Severn River in Wales. In Celtic legend, Sabrina was the name of a princess who was drowned in the Severn.--
My Baby NameLegendary princess.EnglishFeminine
Baby Names CountryThe Latin name Sabrina means - boundary lineLatin-
Namespedia"Legendary Princess", "River Goddess" "From the border" or "From the boundary line" EuropeFeminine
Muslim NamesWhite roseFeminine
Aboutnames name of the nymph of the Severn, a river in WalesCelticfemale
20000 NamesLatin form of Severn, the name of a river in England where a Celtic goddess dwelt. The Old Welsh form of Severn is Habren. The name is of uncertain origin, possibly from Hebrew Sabra, the name for a native-born Israeli, meaning "thorny cactus."Feminine
Pakistan WebLegendary Queen or PrincessArabicGirl
Nordic NamesLatinised form of ''Hafren/Habren'', the original Welsh name of the River ''Severn'' of unknown meaning
Names 4 MuslimsWhite rose.Girl
Hamari WebLegendary Princess.ArabicGirl
Baby Name GuideFrom the borderLatinGirl

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Anagrams for name Sabrina: A Brains - A Bairns - Arab Sin - Arab Ins - Sabra In - Saran Bi - Brain As - Bairn As - Bias Ran - Nab Sari
Arisanb Rbaasin Sbarani Nibaars Asibran Saanrib Nisarab Rnabsia Siarnab

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